Typical products

Gastronomic heritage: unique in variety and value

Next to the Bagòss there are other products of great importance in the gastronomic range of our mountains:

  • the Butter, made with the cream emerging from the milk and placed into a mould bearing the logo of the family producer;
  • the formagelle, made from cow’s or goat’s milk, which differ from one another;
  • the ricotta cheese, which pairs well with both sweet and savoury preparations;
  • i “Fioricc“, the last product made from the “waste” whey from the production of the previous products, but which in reality is a delicacy unknown to most people, not available in shops and can only be tasted in a malga, and only if you arrive at the right time. Traditionally, they were accompanied by grilled polenta.

These products can be purchased in Bagolino food shops.