Bitter sugar

Lump of ancient origins used to cure mild seasonal illnesses

The origin of this lump, called “söcher amar” (lit. bitter sugar) is ancient and has been handed down for generations in Bagolino.

The women of the past collected flowers, roots, herbs and fresh berries on the surrounding mountains of Maniva and Gaver, which were used to produce bitter sugar, used to cure mild seasonal illnesses.
These herbs were dried in the attics of mountain dwellings to be used during the winter season.
It is easy to store and it keeps the medicinal properties intact, you can suck it or dissolve in hot water for its digestive effect, but it is also an excellent remedy against sore throat and cough.

Pasticceria Evelina in Bagolino follows this ancient tradition with a lot of love and respect for nature.
The preparation of the “söcher amar” is all done manually, thus creating an artisan product of excellent quality.
Bitter sugar with dark chocolate and mountain herb meringues are also produced at Pasticceria Evelina.