Market square, the Procuratie and the Tower House

Ancient treasures in the village of Bagolino

We are in Piazza Mercato, still today home to the weekly market that takes place every Tuesday afternoon. It is and one of the oldest squares in Bagolino.

On your right you can still see the palace that housed the prisons, as written in the ancient name of the street. Characteristic is the grating (see photo on the right) which is still visible today, going down towards the fountain in front of you.
On one of the houses (see photo on the side) overlooking the square on the left you can see, on the edge, two big stone faces, as in the photo below.
They should be the effigies of the Lodron counts, once the target of mockery by Bagolino’s boys.
Between the “Bagolino” people and the Lodrons there was a strange love-hate relationship: for example, Paride the Great recruited in Bagolino the breakthrough forces and they were paid in gold; on the other hand, in 1600 the Lodrons gave two flasks of oil to those who brought them the head of a Bagosso.

Following the “kellnerites bagolinensis” we now find ourselves in front of the “Procuratie”, a building with a richly decorated facade, restored in 1991. It was once owned by the Municipality and was used to host important people visiting the country (bishops and ambassadors of other states): no other family could boast such a privilege.
Its architecture stands out, for its particular refinement and decoration, among the simpler and more essential style of the Bagosso houses.

We continue on the traces of the “kellnerites bagolinensis” and passing under the nearby portico of the “Procuratie”, we arrive at the base of the ancient Tower House, characterized by large granite stones. Fortunately in these “fóndäk” (basements) the entire historical archive of Bagolino was kept and was not destroyed by the fire of 1779. Today it is an unlimited source of knowledge on our illustrious past.