Bagolino - October 13

The Transumanza is an event organized by the Pro Loco of Bagolino and is celebrated by the whole community since 2010, the year of its first edition.
The theme of the event concerns the re-enactment of the “San Martì“, that is the transhumance of the cattle from the pastures to the stable.

The aim of the event is to celebrate the efforts of today’s farmers and especially those of yesterday who, deprived of the technological facilities, lived the daily life with seasons passing slow.

Protagonists of the event are therefore the cows that on Sunday, parade along the main street of the village of Bagolino up to the Pineta Park, the Bagoss Cheese and its production phases, the typical food products on offer in the restaurants participating in the initiative.

The local farming traditions of the past, re-enacted in a representative and symbolic way at different times during the event, involve and entertain young and old alike through the activities organized for the numerous visitors during the Transhumance Festival, which takes place every year on the second weekend of October.