Ösnà VS Cävrìl

Pineta Park - August 3

Every year, in August, in Bagolino, the rivalry between the “contrade” (lit. districts) of Cävrìl and Ösnà ignites with the typical palio.
The event includes parties, sports competitions, musical evenings and much more.

The ancient village of Bagolino has always been divided into two districts, Cävrìl and Ösnà, probably from the years of maximum social and economic expansion (1450 AD), which for administrative reasons decided to organize itself in two districts.

CÄVRIL: term with which the western and north-western part of the town of Bagolino is identified: the origin of the name leads us to think of an enclosure of goats.
The area had several open spaces where, in case of danger, the cattle could be gathered in special menageries. In fact, there was the “house-tower”, seat of the municipality, built to defend the archives and the population’s treasure: the dairy animals.

In 1920 the municipal offices were moved to Osnà and since 1985 they have been located in Via Parrocchia.

ÖSNA: term with which the eastern part of the town of Bagolino is identified.
In the acts of the municipality it is often mentioned with the term “Visnà“, from the Latin “Vicinatus“. The term ” neighbour” indicates the primitive nucleus of the parish. It was the residential district, with more dwellings and without large spaces.
The emblem of the “dragon” is taken from the figure of St. George, protector of the community.

The memory, handed down from generation to generation, still tells about clashes and rivalries fought between the two districts: gangs of boys who went to plunder the fruit trees in the opposite district or courting outside their own district.

The place of the public assembly, the border between the two sides, was the “Zangladello”: land and natural amphitheatre situated between the stairs leading up to the Parish Church of San Giorgio.

Even today this “line” marks the boundaries of the challenge between the two districts, which starts at the beginning of August every year and ends, after several days of sports events and parties (each district organizes its own party in the square with outdoor dinner and music) with the highly anticipated football derby in the stadium of the Pineta Park in Bagolino.

You can visit the “contrade” with a tourist guide, by contacting the Pro Loco office.