Hunting for shooting stars

Piana di Gaver - August 10

On the night of San Lorenzo we celebrate it like this, at the Piana del Bruffione: “on the hunt for shooting stars”.

It is a magical evening in which, every year, residents and tourists gather in this fantastic valley, a few km from Gaver in the direction of Bruffione Lakes, in the heart of the Adamello Park.

The route is not guided because it is very easy to get there: it is a pleasant walk along a dirt road for about 40 minutes, after which you can decide whether to stop or continue to see new landscapes. The immensity of the sky that overlooks the pristine nature tinges of absolute romanticism this opportunity (weather permitting) to see the stars “falling” from the sky, and make a wish.

To make your stay more pleasant (you can also organize yourself with a camping tent to stay overnight), the Pro Loco organizes a food stand offering tasty sandwiches with sausage and Bagoss cheese, fresh beers, hot tea and mulled wine.

Everything starts in the late afternoon, before dusk, to enjoy the lights of the sunset.

The evening is cheered up by folk musicians, who with their carefree tunes accompany the time spent in nature with lovely songs and melodies.