Alpin Run

Bagolino - July 21

In the summer in Bagolino people eagerly await the Alpin Run, one of the central events of the Avis Amateur Sports Club of Bagolino.

The running race is part of the Valsabbia and Alto Garda mountain running Grand Prix circuit.

The route unravels in a mid-mountain environment, reviewing all the beauty of the area, from the historic centre of the village of Bagolino to the woods that surround it.

All in 1200 meters of elevation gain, with the last climb making the difference and, perhaps, deciding the winner.

Since 2016 the route is marked with permanent signs thanks to the precious work done by the volunteers of the CAI subsection of Bagolino, with very few variations that safeguard passing through private properties. 90% of the racetrack can therefore be run and tested all year round by runners who want to try it out or simply train.

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