Church of San Rocco

It houses precious paintings

According to tradition, the small building, dedicated to Saints Fabian and Sebastian, was built on the remains of a pagan temple.

Between 1483 and 1486 Gianni Pietro Da Cemmo frescoed the presbytery.
This cycle of frescoes (Annunciation, Twelve Sibyls, Crucifixion, Four Doctors of the Western Church and the Life of Saints Roch and Sebastian) is a very important testimony of Lombard painting between 1400 and 1500 at the turn of the International Gothic and the Italian Renaissance periods.
In 1577 the church was enlarged and dedicated to S. Rocco and the frescoes were covered with a layer of lime and only in 1958 were they brought to light.

The church houses precious works by painters from the 1600s and the late 15th century.