Church of San Lorenzo

It houses the most famous painting by Moreschi

The church of S. Lorenzo was once the chapel of the ancient cemetery.
The apse and the remains of two walled Gothic windows are the only evidence of the primitive construction.
It was destroyed several times by fire (in 1779 and 1915): it has been recently restored preserving the structures built during the reconstruction of 1924.

The first altar on the right has a canvas by Itagliani depicting the martyrdom of S. Lucia.
In the second one we can admire S. Antonio Abbot of Ridolfi.
In front of it there is the most famous painting by A. Moreschi, the painter of Bagolino of 1600: the Nativity, a copy of the one by Savoldo, kept in the picture gallery of Brescia.
In the first niche on the left there is another painting by Moreschi depicting Jesus presented to the temple. In the left door, now walled up, there is a lunette coming from the Adamino church that represents the same family offering the small church to the Madonna.
Anonymous is the altarpiece of the apse enclosed in a precious Soasa, with the Madonna between S. Giuseppe and S. Lorenzo. The author of all the other paintings is unknown.