Bagòss cheese

Bagòss cheese: our speciality

The undisputed king of bagosso gastronomy is the famous Bagòss, a hard matured cheese made by hand from the raw milk of the Brown Alpine cows, in the mountain pastures around the village in winter and in the bagosso mountains in summer.

Always praised for its qualities, it is produced only in the mountains surrounding Bagolino.
The cheesemaker or Malga cheese maker carries out his work inside the farm where he lives in the summer season, and it is possible to see him at work during excursions.
In October, on the occasion of the Transhumance, the cattle are moved to the stables in the village where they spend the winter season.ù
The production is estimated at about 10,000 cheeses per year, each of which is matured in the cellars (“Reolcc“) from a minimum of 1 year to 3, 4 years. Occasionally they undergo longer maturing.
The characteristic golden colour is given by the presence of saffron, added to satisfy the request of the customers of the Serenissima of Venice, who wanted a cheese that looked like gold.
The unmistakable taste of Bagòss cheese is due to the forage that grows on the pastures of Vaia, Bruffione, Misa and Maniva.

The first award ceremony for Bagoss cheese was held at the Milan Exhibition in 1874, thanks to G. Scalvini known as Zorzara. Bagoss cheese has been a Slow Food Presidium since 1999.

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